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Post 18-Aug-2019 21:24


Товарищи, может кто встать на раздачу?)


Post 18-Aug-2019 19:12


обновлено до 0.17.66


Date: 16.08.2019


Post 17-Jul-2019 20:11


обновлено до 0.17.58


Date: 15.07.2019
Fixed a crash related to researching technologies through script.
Fixed a crash when opening other settings on the steam version of the game. (more)
Date: 15.07.2019
Restored ore placement to match that of 0.17.50 (more)
Optimized synchronization time of blueprint library to a new game map. (more)
Fixed glitch in pollution cloud overlay rendering. (more)
Fixed joining multiplayer through Steam Friends would not work sometimes. (more)
Fixed rail signal consistency for a very special corner case. (more)
Fixed that the Linux server's standard input could get closed under some circumstances. (more)
Fixed crash when enabling blueprint library cloud sync when local blueprint library did not exist. (more)
Fixed that trains couldn't be rotated while in the map editor. (more)
Fixed that LuaGameScript::ban_player() only worked with real players. (more)
Fixed that the changelog GUI could have unnecessary scroll bars. (more)
Fixed that hiding the search bar didn't unfocus it, so it was still possible to write to the invisible search bar. (more)
Fixed wrong signal placeability in some specific cases. (more)
Fixed that the entity tooltip would flicker in some cases related to the tooltip delay. (more)
Fixed a crash when opening assembling machines with fixed_recipe set in the latency state. (more)
Added a prototype property for hiding recipes from the player crafting GUI.
Renamed spot noise argument 'minimum_candidate_point_spacing' to 'suggested_minimum_candidate_point_spacing'
Added base_productivity to assembling machines, mining drill, and lab prototypes.
Added LuaEntityPrototype::base_productivity read.
Added optional "ignore_characters" to LuaSurface::clear().
Added on_gui_confirmed event.
Added LuaGuiElement::numeric, allow_decimal, allow_negative, is_password, lose_focus_on_confirm, clear_and_focus_on_right_click read/write.
Date: 11.07.2019
Minor Features
Added option to enable Steam Cloud Sync for blueprint library to Other Settings GUI. Please backup your blueprint-storage.dat if you chose to enable it. The option is available in Steam version of the game and Cloud Sync needs to be enabled in Steam for the library to be actually synchronized.
Fixed that the blueprint library GUI sometimes wouldn't update until the mouse was moved. (more)
Fixed that deconstructing tiles in the map editors instant-deconstruction mode didn't work. (more)
Fixed setting FireFlamePrototype::spread_delay_deviation to 0 or 1 would crash the game. (more)
Fixed logistics system tutorial after game script migration. (more)
Fixed that the game would freeze when using LuaLogisticNetwork::remove_item() if the item was only in the players cursor. (more)
Fixed yet another case of rails not merging blocks as expected. (more)
Fixed occasional crash when dragging train wait conditions with brackets. (more)
Removed the focusability of buttons, as we don't support it graphically and the functionality was just half-functional. (more)
Fixed that copy-paste for assembling machines would ignore fixed_recipe. (more)
Fixed that failing to join multiplayer games through --join-game-by-id would fail to show the error and show an empty background. (more)
Fixed inserting items into underground belts with inserters could put items onto the belt leading into the underground belt. (more)
Fixed rail signal internal consistency for some cases of rail cycle with one signal. (more)
Fixed that electric energy interface stopped accumulators from working. (more)
Fixed high CRC time related to large amounts of electric networks in multiplayer games. (more)
Fixed that multiple map settings prototypes could be defined.
Removed label style want_ellipsis as it will be used automatically everywhere as with button.
All rail bounding boxes are now hardcoded/not moddable. This is to avoid unexpected collision/rail block merging behaviour.
Date: 09.07.2019
Fixed that some of the textboxes didn't allow to write characters bound for different actions when focused. (more)
Fixed a desync related to removing rail signal that merges two rail blocks reserved by different trains into one.
Fixed that the belt-gap-fill logic could replace splitters/underground belts in some cases. (more)
Added LuaPlayer::connect_to_server().
Date: 04.07.2019
Removed the message of "<X> is in the way" when building over the exact same entity with same direction and position as in cursor. (more)
Rails under trains can be marked for deconstruction. (more)
Better latency hiding in multiplayer when experiencing connection issues. Less issues with rubber-banding or character teleporting.
Latency hiding is no longer completely disabled when the character is shooting. Character position and animation are still not latency-hidden while the character is in combat (10 seconds after shooting or taking damage). This should make combat smoother in multiplayer.
The Linux version of the game now depends on PulseAudio.
Fixed adding conditions to a train station after it was dragged. (more)
Improved drawing of a wall preview in some special cases. (more)
Fixed that the sync-mods-with-save could in some cases leave mods enabled. (more)
Added Right Control as secondary binding for "Temporary station modifier" controls. (more)
Fixed that migrating saves could in some cases mess up damage bonuses. (more)
Added a migration for unloadable saves because of invalid train paths caused by bugs in previous versions. (more)
Fixed that rails wouldn't build correctly if they had a fast_replaceable_group defined. (more)
Fixed flamethrower turret tooltip was missing info about created fire. (more)
Fixed that modded units with minimal attack range wouldn't try to get away from a target if they were too close. (more)
Fixed that train built from blueprint could miss a connection occasionally due the rail building order. (more)
Fixed that electric-energy-interface and heat-interface entity types didn't export properly in blueprint string format. (more)
Fixed Compilatron speech bubble hologram effect would cause entire screen to flicker when "Full color depth" graphics option was disabled. (more)
Fixed a map corruption issue related to building blueprints outside of the map through script. (more)
Fixed that too long description of shortcut tool could make the selection frame to be too big and unclosable. (more)
Fixed that undo doesn't work for trains. (more)
Fixed that reading 'disabled' from train stop control behaviors from Lua would report bad values in some cases. (more)
Fixed that rich text tooltips would flicker in multiplayer. (more)
Fixed possible crash in NPE when Compilatron builds an iron mining setup. (more)
Fixed multiplayer issue where a client and server would sometimes send a large amount of data, causing players with slower connection to disconnect (https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-302)
Fixed that the wind sound would cut off abruptly when the technology screen was opened. (more)
Fixed that inserter tooltips would list pollution despite inserters being unable to produce pollution. (more)
Fixed that the bar of train wagon in blueprint was lost when the game was saved and loaded. (more)
Fixed that textfield selection wasn't removed when the focus was lost. (more)
Equipment with the "manual" shape now renders backgrounds/outlines automatically like equipment with the "full" shape.
Date: 01.07.2019
Updated version of introduction campaign.
Added a new system for better handling of mouse button locales. See Tutorial:Localisation#Localising_alternate_input_names for more information.
Limited chart tags to a maximum of 1024 characters.
Fixed that curved rail bounding box wasn't rotationally symmetric.
Fixed window would flicker when dragging window from left to right, from normal DPI display to higher DPI display. (more)
Fixed that modded pollution modifiers wouldn't show in some cases. (more)
Fixed that trying to repair inoperable entities would show the "can't mine" message. (more)
Fixed that checking for mod updates could fail when old versions of a mod had bad data. (more)
Fixed graphical artifacts in curved rail sprites when zoomed out (OpenGL). (more)
Fixed a crash of some modded entities with fluid energy source. (more)
Fixed that sending long commands through RCON could cause some players to drop from the game. (more)
Fixed drawing speech bubbles on top of other gui elements, and on top of the map view.
Fixed NPE crash when building ghosts. (more)
Fixed rotated text not working with certain fonts. (more)
Fixed that the drag-map action wasn't allowed when the cursor had specific items even if the drag map control didn't conflict with building. (more)
Fixed that restarting scenario levels would leave the generate-map GUI in a strange state. (more)
Fixed that RCON commands would not be processed if a player had paused the game. (more)
Fixed that the "include modules" checkbox would always show if the blueprint had a train with fuel in it. (more)
Fixed that infinite technologies wouldn't display the level in the technology screen if their prototype name didn't include a level. (more)
Fixed that clicking alerts from multiple modded surfaces wouldn't work correctly. (more)
Fixed that unit groups wouldn't be able to pathfind if their centre was colliding with another entity of the same force. (more)
Fixed a crash related to train crashing while passing a reserved signal. (more)
Fixed a crash related to teleporting reserved signal. (more)
Fixed that errors from the asynchronous saving process sometimes wouldn't be communicated back to the parent. (more)
Fixed that dying and respawning wouldn't preserve the toggle-personal-roboport setting. (more)
Fixed that train waiting time was reset when adding temporary station. (more)
Fixed that entity-to-be-built tooltips didn't work correctly with tooltip delay. (more)
Fixed that train without a schedule didn't try to stop. (more)
Fixed that the game would allow entities with different sized bounding boxes or collision masks to be upgraded. (more)
Fixed excessive memory usage and long time to exit related large amounts of sprite definitions. (more)
Fixed that GUI graphical_sets wouldn't render corners correctly in some cases. (more)
Fixed that technologies marked as "visible_when_disabled" would still be researchable when the research queue was enabled. (more)
Moved the entity_renderer_search_box_limits values into utility constants.
Secondary bounding box of rail is not moddable anymore.
Changed module prototype property "tier" to unsigned int from float.
Fixed that get_blueprint_entities() didn't include train schedules. (more)
Added LuaSurface::calculate_tile_properties().
Added LuaEntity::storage_filter read/write.
Date: 24.06.2019
Fixed a crash related to equipment rendering.
Fixed a crash related to tile building. (more)
Date: 24.06.2019
Fixed crashes related to creating tile-ghost entities through the Lua API. (more)
Fixed that configuring blueprints and then directly exporting to a string didn't work correctly. (more)(more)
Fixed that the Lua API would allow the same non-infinite technology to be queued multiple times. (more)
Fixed a crash when queuing things to be crafting during the crafting finished event. (more)
Fixed train pathfinding bug related to two different station connected to the same rail from different sides when one after another is in the schedule. (more)
Fixed rail signal consistency when rail is removed from reserved signal. (more)
Added "buffer-rename-workaround" config setting as a possible workaround for rendering glitches on some Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge GPUs. (more)
Fixed an issue that made unit group pathfinding fail often, resulting in very few biter attacks. (more)
Fixed that the hovering entity tooltip would still follow the cursor while in the menu. (more)
Fixed a crash when exiting the campaign during the same tick as a script-triggered autosave.
Fixed that incompatible dependencies would effect mod sort order.
Fixed missing fluid icons on new ghosts. (more)
Replay button in new game GUI is now remembered after confirm. (more)
Changed rendering of belts to use linear interpolation for minification to reduce flickering effect on some zoom levels. (more)
Fixed that units could sometimes get stuck forever. (more)
Fixed that multiplayer replay would crash the game if it contained a blueprint transferred using the blueprint library. (more)
Fixed that LuaEntity::destroy({raise_destroy=false}) would still raise the destroy event. (more)
Fixed that the style debug tooltips could in some cases show multiple at once. (more)
Fixed that robots could get stuck if the chest they're trying to put items into was blocked. (more)
Fixed that the update mods GUI would incorrectly disable the "Update selected" button in some cases. (more)
Fixed that building concrete/stone paths wouldn't use all tile variations in some cases. (more)
Fixed a performance problem related to large amounts of incredibly fast robots and storage chests. (more)
Fixed turret range overlay in map was not rendering correctly. (more)
Fixed that turret tooltips could show damage modifiers from the wrong force. (more)
Prevented possible number overflow in train condition gui. (more)
Added uses_stack to the thrown capsule item action.
Removed the rail-category prototype type.
resource_autoplace_settings has been made public (require('resource-autoplace').resource_autoplace_settings) and the API improved. It will automatically allocate a unique resource index for each patch_set_name. 'patch_set_name' and 'autoplace_control_name' can be independently specified. 'seed1' can be specified as a parameter. The global function 'get_next_resource_index' is obsolete and has been deleted.
Equipment shapes can be defined as "manual" (a set of points).
Added optional lamp prototype property "always_on".
Added "entity_to_ignore" to LuaSurface::request_path.
Added target, orientation, and orientation_target to LuaRendering::draw_polygon().
Added LuaGameScript::item_subgroup_prototypes, item_group_prototypes, fuel_category_prototypes, resource_category_prototypes, achievement_prototypes, module_category_prototypes, equipment_category_prototypes, trivial_smoke_prototypes, shortcut_prototypes, and recipe_category_prototypes read.
Added LuaControl::character_mining_progress read.
Added LuaEntity::can_shoot().
Added LuaEntityPrototype::always_on read.
Added LuaGuiElement type "line".
Date: 17.06.2019
Inserters are slightly faster when picking up from belts as they can now select an item and pick it up in the same tick.
Fixed a special case of assembler pipe connection bug. (more)
Fixed a crash when trying to check for mod updates with mods that have dependencies not on the mod portal.
Fixed that multiple modded inserters aiming for the same belt would compete for the same item. (more)
Fixed that opening signal by circuit network could let train to go to a reserved/occupied block. (more)
Fixed that it was possible to build a special rail crossing that didn't merge the blocks and allowed trains to cross without collisions. (more)
Fixed a crash related to pathfinding toward a moving target, such as when the player was fighting biters. (more) (more)
Fixed turret ranges would not render properly on some models of Apple computers with Intel integrated GPU. (more)
Fixed most of the Map Editor GUI would still work when doing replays. (more)
Fixed that "the hand" didn't work correctly in the Map Editor when the inventory was full. (more)
Fixed that cut ignored the not-minable and not-deconstructable flags in some cases. (more)
Fixed rail signal to block binding that occurred in special cases. (more)
Fixed shooting would refresh only the first beam if multiple beams were active. (more)
Fixed that cloning rails with locomotive on top in the map editor made the copied rails not minable even when the locomotive was removed. (more)
Fixed another train pathfinding issue related to re-pathing while in chain signal sequence. (more)
Added LuaEntity::energy_generated_last_tick read.
Added LuaGameScript::parse_map_exchange_string().


Post 18-May-2019 03:35


Year: 2016
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Wube Software LTD
Publisher: Wube Software LTD
Platform: Native
System requirements:
• ОС: 10.9+
• Процессор: Dual Core 3GHz
• Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
• Видеокарта: 512 MB GPU
• Место на диске: 1.5 GB
Source type: licensed
Localization: multi
Crack: Not needed
Description: Factorio — это игра про добычу ресурсов, постройку заводов, автоматизацию производства и борьбу с агрессивной фауной на чужеродной планете. Вы - одинокий выживший в космической экспедиции, оказавшийся на поверхности чужого и враждебного мира. Единственно с камнями и залежами руд под ногами, ваша последняя надежда на выживание - отстроить с нуля автоматические механизмы и заводы для производства экипировки и оборонительных сооружений, необходимых для выживания в этом странном мире. Помимо разработки и поддержки армии механизмов, вам будет нужно защитить заводы и себя от враждебных инопланетных орд, которые стремятся сравнять с землей ваши, с таким трудом возведенные, фабрики.
Additional info: • Factorio - двухмерная экшн стратегия в реальном времени, действия в которой разворачиваются на другой планете, заселенной враждебными существами. Главного героя послали на эту планету с целью выстроить колонию. Однако при посадке случилась авария и протагонист оказался выброшенным на поверхность без припасов и специального оборудования. Ему приходится самостоятельно собирать ресурсы и оборонятся против врагов чтобы выжить.
• Factorio является смесью экшна и классической стратегии в реальном времени с элементами игр класса Minecraft. Персонаж игрока должен искать ресурсы и отстраивать машины, которые помогут ему выжить. Некоторые ресурсы нужно обрабатывать, чтобы создать из получившегося материала более сложные механизмы. Сам протагонист также вооружен и может отстреливаться от врагов.
• Комплексная система добычи ресурсов, логистики и производства.
• Исследование новых технологий открывает новые возможности и улучшает существующие.
• Продвинутая концепция логистики (программируемые сигналы, летающие грузовые роботы).
• Базовая боевая механика (местные враждебные существа, турели, различное оружие).
• Обучающие миссии и миссии в кампании.
• Поддержка моддинга, скриптинга и собственных сценариев.
• Редактор карт.



Post 01-Aug-2019 18:42


Спасибо тебе большое! Всё отлично работает и нет проблемы с иероглифами. Я так давно искал этот порт!! Спасибище!! Macbook Air 13 Mid 2013


Post 26-Jul-2019 22:36


Очень медленно раздается. Пишет, что два года будет качать :)


Post 19-Jun-2019 23:59


Господа встаньте кто нибудь на раздачу icon_weep


Post 10-Jul-2019 12:11


Игра работает отлично но не показывает сохраненные игры, а в папке они есть. Кто нибудь сталкивался с таким что можно сделать????


Post 01-Jul-2019 04:25


Mount & Blade: Warband 1.174
Год выпуска: 2010
Жанр: РПГ, стратегии, экшен
Разработчик: TaleWorlds
Платформа: Intel only
Системные требования:
-OS X version El Capitan 10.11, or later.
-Processor: Intel Mac
-Memory: 1 GB RAM
-Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M / ATi Radeon 2400 or better
-Sound: Standard audio​
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Язык озвучки: только английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Описание: В мире, разоренном непрерывными войнами, пришло время вам собрать собственную группу храбрых воинов и вступить в бой. Возглавляйте ваших людей в битвах, расширяйте ваше государство и заполучите главную награду: престол Кальрадии!
Mount & Blade: Warband — это самостоятельное дополнение для игры, которая воплотила в жизнь средневековые поля сражений с помощью реалистичных верховых битв и детализированной боевой системы.



Post 14-Jun-2019 13:21


Вылетает, висит значок, мол игра запущена, но нет....


Post 26-Feb-2019 16:03


Скачиваю от 0 из 0 пользователей. Пожалуйста дайте скачать :(


Post 05-Jun-2019 23:40


станьте на раздачу плиз!


Post 28-Apr-2019 09:11


ссылка на торрент не начинает загружатся в торрент програме.


Post 05-Jun-2019 18:52


раздайте пожалуйста!


Post 17-May-2019 19:29


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (Digital Deluxe)

Year: 2016
Genre: Пошаговая стратегия
Developer: Aspyr
Platform: Native
System requirements:
• ОС: 10.11 (El Capitan) or 10.12 (Sierra)
• Процессор: Intel Core i5 2.7Ghz
• Оперативная память: 6 GB ОЗУ
• Видеокарта: 1 GB GPU Minimum - GeForce 775M | Radeon HD 6970 | Intel Iris Pro
• Место на диске: 18 GB
Source type: licensed
Localization: english + русский
Sound language: english + русский
Crack: Included
Description:Завоевавшая 15 титулов на выставке E3, в том числе звания «Лучшая игра для ПК» и «Лучшая стратегическая игра», Sid Meier’s Civilization VI вскоре украсит собой знаменитую серию Civilization. За время ее существования было продано более 35 миллионов копий по всему миру, более 8 из которых пришлись на долю игры Civilization V.
Изначально созданная легендарным дизайнером Сидом Мейером, Civilization представляет собой пошаговую стратегию, в которой игроку предлагается построить империю, способную выдержать испытание временем. Станьте одним из сильных мира сего, основав цивилизацию и возглавив её в течение многих эпох, начиная с каменного века и заканчивая веком информации. Объявляйте войны, ведите дипломатические переговоры, развивайте культуру и бросьте вызов величайшим лидерам в истории человечества, чтобы построить величайшую цивилизацию из всех, когда-либо известных человечеству.
Civilization VI предлагает множество новых способов взаимодействия с игровым миром: теперь города растут, занимая всё больше и больше места на карте, ваши действия влияют на ход научных исследований и культурной жизни цивилизации, а противники преследуют различные цели в зависимости от своих исторических черт в попытках достигнуть один из пяти способов одержать окончательную победу.

Доп. информация

Additional info: Релиз включает следующие DLC:
Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI: Gathering Storm
Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI: Rise and Fall
Civilization VI – Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack
Civilization VI – Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack
Civilization VI – Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack
Civilization VI – Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack
Civilization VI – Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack
Civilization VI – Vikings Scenario Pack



Post 30-Mar-2019 15:12


Прошу помощи
Распаковал игру, готовую иконку скопировал в программы. Кликаю после этого на иконку с игрой - выскакивает лаунчер игры. В нем нажимаю играть - он закрывается и игра не запускается. Ни ошибок, ничего не появляется - просто не запускается.
Что не так может быть и как жить дальше ?) Буду очень признателен за внимание
Macbook pro 13' 2018


Post 16-Mar-2019 19:23


раздайте, христа ради


Post 27-Feb-2019 21:53


Ребят, буду пресильно благодарен, если кто-то встанет на раздачу.


Post 27-Feb-2019 21:52


Встаньте на раздачу, плз. icon_wall


Post 27-Feb-2019 08:13


Ребят, встаньте плиз на раздачу, а то вообще никого нет(

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